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Traffic Drums without Sheeting 9100

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Traffic Drums without Sheeting

Our durable Traffic drums  are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and provide clear, visible guidance to drivers. Easy to set up and move, traffic drums are a safe and reliable solution for any construction or road maintenance project. Protect your workers and improve traffic flow with traffic drums today.

Traffic Specifications

  • Material: Impact-Resistant Polyethylene
  • Color: UV-Stabilized Highway Orange
  • Body Height: 36” (0.92 m)
  • Overall Height: 41.38” (1.05 m)
  • Weight: 8.0 LB (3.5 kg)
  • Minimum Diameter: 18” (46 cm)
  • Base Option:  Tire Ring

traffic drum without sheeting

Introducing Traffic Drums with Reflective Bands, the ultimate solution for work area safety on highways and roadways. These drums are designed to offer exceptional visibility in heavy traffic, ensuring that your work area is easily identified and protected.

Featuring a rounded ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip, these Traffic drums are easy to access and transport to your desired location. The handle also includes double light mounts for added convenience, allowing you to easily attach warning lights and signal drivers.

Our Traffic drums feature a five-tier design with recessed reflective band tiers, offering long-lasting protection of sheeting. This design also includes four anti-rotation claws to keep drums facing traffic, ensuring that they remain visible at all times. Additionally, the built-in sheeting edge protector guards against wear during stacking, ensuring that your drums stay protected and functional for longer.

The domed top of the Traffic drums sheds debris and water, while the ribbed bottom lip allows for easy base attachment. The two-piece top and base design allows for dragging without separation, while the two-piece breakaway feature allows for controlled separation on impact, ensuring that the drums remain functional in the event of an accident.

Made from UV-stabilized bright orange polyethylene, these Traffic drums are resistant to sun damage and built to last. At, we are committed to providing you with high-quality safety products, and our Traffic Drums with Reflective Bands are no exception. Order now and ensure the safety of your work area today!

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